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Stamp Organiser 2010 computer programme

The Stamp Organiser 2011 is available from us, published by BFDC Ltd.
"StampMaster GB 2000" was the last similar programme to fill this demand in the market, but it unfortunately disappeared from the market several years ago.

The Stamp Organiser 2009, 2010, and now Stamp Organiser 2011, now available and proving popular with collectors, can be supplied by us from stock, either to retail shop customers or by mail order.

See details below, much of which is taken from the publishers' notes on the programme's packaging, or from their advertising.

Stamp Organiser 2011 CD

::  Comes pre-loaded with every British stamp since the 1840 Penny Black up to the 2010 Christmas issue.
::  Program also includes presentation packs, stamp booklets, PHQ postcards, first day covers, and Royal Mail "Smilers" and "Customised" sheets.
::  Over 29,000 images included.
::  User notes covering every aspect of the programme.
::  Collections can be organised by theme, album - or any way you choose.
::  Enter as much or as little information about your collection as you like.
::  Add extra stamp varieties (such as perforations, gums, papers, printers, shades, phosphors, etc.), with an option to add your own images,
::  Reports can be generated in various formats; PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF (Word), or Text file.
::  Report templates can be edited.
::  Browse facility allows you to view the images.
::  The publisher advises that annual updates should be available.
::  Existing users of previous versions will have all their collection details automatically transferred.
::  Many additions and upgrades since the 2009 version (2009 and 2010 issues added, 1,000+ older FDCs added, Ingot packs and covers, list of Royal Mail/Royal Mint coin and medal covers completed, order by catalogue number, works on 64 bit operating system, and many others).
::  Images of stamps, plus 22,000 first day covers, all presentation packs and PHQ sets, stamp booklets, booklet pane formats, prestige stamp book panes.
::  Although we do not provide technical support, we can forward any technical requests to the programme's developers.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS; Please check before ordering, as refunds or returns cannot be made once the wrapper has been cut or opened.
Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7.
128Mb RAM
500Mb free disk space
Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 600

Price (retail shop customers) £25.00
Price (UK mail order customers) £25.00 + 96p postage (we use real stamps !) + £1 handling charge = £26.96
Price (Europe mail order customers) £25.00 + £1.57 postage  + £1 handling charge = £27.57 
Price (Overseas mail order customers) £21.28 (v.a.t. not charged) + £2.44 postage (we use real stamps !) + £1 handling charge = £24.72 
To order, phone us (numbers below) or use the Google Checkout buttons above which allow you to order securely online.

Page updated Friday 7 January 2011.

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