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StampMasterGB 2000

We are unable to contact the suppliers, but hope that they will respond to our requests at some point, and that we can start to fulfil orders again.
If anybody has any information regarding the current status of Philatelic Software Ltd., please get in touch with us. We would be very pleased to hear from you !
The new StampMaster GB 2000, published November 2000, is an updated version of the excellent software package which won the "Rowland Hill Award for Innovation", and is endorsed by the U.K. Royal Mail and National Postal Museum.StampMasterGB 2000 stamp collector's computer software
We quote from the producer's promotional leaflet;
"THE DATABASE;  This part provides records of every stamp with an enormous amount of detail on each item. The programme has the added benefit that you can search and sort, almost at will. Data and images for StampMaster GB come direct from the National Postal Museum, who have never published their records before !  You can add new items or other items to the database if you wish.
"COLLECTION MANAGEMENT; With a few simple keystrokes you can record that you have an item in your collection, with as much detail on your own specimens as you wish. From here it is a small step to produce reports and valuations on your collection, sorted in many different ways, or a wants list of those items missing."
System Requirements; Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or 2000, 8mb RAM, 5mb free hard disk space, IBM compatible computer, 486 or higher, CD-ROM reader.

PRICE; Full Version £74.95 (CD-ROM plus introductory booklet).  FULL VERSION CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
PRICE; Upgrade £29.95 (for existing users) UPGRADE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
POSTAGE; free within UK, airmail postage to all other countries £2.95 extra
Orders can be emailed to Robert Murray Stamp Shop (postal address 5 & 6 Inverleith Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 5PU - telephone 0131 552 1220, fax 0131 478 7021) alnong with credit card details. See that shop's "How to Order" page for more details.

Page updated Thursday 12 December 2001.

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StampMaster GB 2000